Evrytania is a paradise on earth and each season has its own beauty. In Winter everything is covered in snow and you can seek adventure in our ski center. Children and adults can enjoy the many activities offered and can take stunning pictures while being on the top of the mountain.

Spring is full of colors. Everything is green and the trees that are in blossom can change even the worst mood. Little or bigger gurgling rivers  offer the adventurous tourists the opportunity to try rafting and kayak in Agrafiotis, Karpenisiotis, Krikelopotamos, Tavropos or Trikeriotis rivers or go canyoning in Viniani. For the less adventurous travelers there is hiking along beautiful paths in the unspoiled countryside. The nearby villages are ideal for day trips and the local tavernas serve a variety of local dishes and brusque wine, even for the most demanding diners.

Is it boiling hot in the city? Then, this is the right moment for a trip to Evrytania. Why not go to Pantavrehi Gorge, one of the most beautiful and cleanest gorges in Europe? It is a marvel of nature and biodiversity and a real must for ecotourists. An easier option is the gorge of MavriSpilia (black cave). There is a hiking path there that takes you to a wooden bridge and a 10 meter high waterfall. You can even have a swim in the little pond or rappel down the waterfall, if you like that sort of thing.

And of course you can always plan a day trip to Kremasta Lake and visit the nearby Monastery of Tatarna.

If you like herbs then you can pick up oregano mountain tea or other herbs that abound in our mountains.

Autumn is different. Yellow leaves everywhere give a golden-yellow color to the landscape. Walnuts, chestnuts, beans and other local products are in abundance and local communities invite tourists to join them in chestnut roasting events or in distilling tsipouro events ( tsipouro is a locally produced alcoholic drink).

Of course there are places of interest you can visit all year round. The Monastery of Prousos attracts thousands of visitors every year. Groups of young and older people can be seen walking the 30km distance from Karpenissi to Prousos in mid August to kneel before the Holy Icon of Virgin Mary and pray for personal health and world peace.

Have you heard of ”Tsagaralona”? Well, this is the ideal place for you to take the perfect pictures ever. Next to the traditional village of Fidakia, Tsagaralona is a picnic area. You are high up in the mountain and Kremasta Lake is just below you!!! Don’t forget to sit on the stone throne  at the edge of the cliff… Just remember my words!

Well, these are only some of the places you can enjoy visiting in Evrytania. Of course, the choice is yours. And remember, we are here to help you with anything you need.